Snares & the Parable of the Lost Sheep

To Be Like Yeshua Means – To Understand Who Is the Greatest in The Kingdom

In my last post, we began a new mini-series from the Christian Torah focusing on who is greatest in the Kingdom.  We first looked at the notion that we need to become like little children.  In this post, Yeshua continues to warn us against the snares in life.

I closed my last post with the following:

Snares will always be a danger to Yeshua’s talmidim in their time on earth – whether they come from the fellowship (18:6), the world (18:7), or – as we will see in verses 8 – 9 the sinful nature itself (18:8-9).  As Yeshua had explained in the parable of the wheat and the weeds, the weeds will exist until the end of the age, so evil and its accompanying temptation to sin will be ever-present problems for Yeshua’s followers.

Snares (continued)

“So if your hand or foot becomes a snare for you, cut it off and throw it away! Better that you should be maimed or crippled and obtain eternal life than keep both hands or both feet and be thrown into everlasting fire!  And if your eye is a snare for you, gouge it out and fling it away! Better that you should be one-eyed and obtain eternal life than keep both eyes and be thrown into the fire of Gei-Hinnom. [1]  See that you never despise one of these little ones, for I tell you that their angels in heaven are continually seeing the face of my Father in heaven. *[2] For the Son of Man came to save the lost.”  Matthew 18:8-11 (CJB)

With strong language (not meant to promote self-mutilation), Yeshua described how the talmidim should renounce anything that would cause them to be entrapped (to sin) or turn away from the faith.  The action of surgically cutting sin out of their lives should be prompt and complete in order to keep them from sin.  Temptation to sin can come from various sources.  In the Bible, hands with accomplishments and feet are often associated with traveling to do evil. Continue reading “Snares & the Parable of the Lost Sheep”