Read the Bible in 30 minutes

Just had to share this. What a great tool for sharing the Gospel message…

Running The Race


What can you do in 30 minutes?

How much can you read?
How much TV can you watch?
How many projects can you start and finish?
How many calls can you return?

Suppose you had 30 minutes.
Could you tell the story of the Bible in a half-hour?

Most of us would have a hard time doing that.
After all, the Bible is big book.
The numbers are staggering.

66 books written by 40 authors in three languages over 1500 years.
Over 1100 chapters.
Over 31,000 verses.
Over 800,000 words.

Would it be possible to tell the story of the Bible in one message?

That’s our goal.
Buckle up because we’re going to start in Genesis and end in Revelation and see if we cover the whole book in one message.

Here is the story of the Bible, told in six acts.

Act 1: God Creates Everything.

In the beginning…

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