Poll Results

Well the results are in and it appears that the clear majority like the current length of the blogs ~ 2-3 typed pages.  Thank you for your input on that issue.

The potential podcast isn’t as overwhelming, but still you believe it would be a valuable addition to the site.  I need to do a little bit more exploration on the cost and time involved in doing a podcast before I make a final decision.  Frankly, I’m thinking because of the time involved, that it would be easier to combine two lessons into one podcast which would be approximately 45 minutes in length.  Please feel free to give me any feedback in the box below.

I Need Your Feedback

I want to thank you all for reading my blog, but I could use your input.  I have been writing like I use to teach.  I would prepare my weekly sermons to cover about 35 to 45 minutes and include sermon notes for the Congregation to take notes.  When it came to the blog, I thought it might me better to shorten each teaching and post twice per week to cover the same material that I would in a normal sermon.  But, I want to serve your needs, not mine.  Consequently, I need your feedback.  Please complete the two polls below.  You may also post any comments in the Leave A Reply box below.

In addition, be sure to help grow the community by sharing the link to my blog with your family and friends.  http://h4i.us.