Where to Next?

We should wrap up our study of Ya’akov on October 17th? So, I have been asking the Lord where He wants me to go next. He has laid on me two possibilities: Walking through the Epistles of Sha’ul or The Red-Letter Words of Yeshua in the Brit Hadashah.

I know in my knower that He wants me to do both, but He hasn’t given me an insight into which to do first. So, you get to decide. Please complete the poll below:

3 thoughts on “Where to Next?

    1. It seems that Red-Letter Words is getting the most votes. My original plan several months ago was to do a study of Philippians (my favorite letter of Sha’ul’s). But that changed to doing all of his letters in chronological order. Then as time went on the Red-Letter series came to mind. I still have to finish the current series, so I’ll let my readers decide which it first.

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