I’ve just posted my latest installment at I’m taking a few days off from research and writing to hear from the Lord. In the interim, I am sharing interesting posts from some of the blogs that I personally follow. Here is a recent blog from my friends at the Isaiah 53:5 Project.

Running The Race


I truly believe that God has a sense of humor.  He loves it when we laugh.  His original plan for man was to enjoy life to the fullest. He created a perfect world with no problems – who wouldn’t be happy?

My mom was a great laugher and I think I have inherited that trait.  She laughed at everything, even when it wasn’t particularly funny.  Many people in the world today might think she wasn’t totally “all there,” but I think she was more “there” than most people. She had the ability to take a tough situation and turn it around with her happy face.

Today it isn’t uncommon to walk into a store and ask for service, only to be greeted by a grumpy person behind the counter.  Even in the service industry, there is a lack of joy.  What has happened to the giggles, chuckles and guffaws?  Has it become  politically incorrect…

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