While I’m taking a few days off from research and writing to hear from the Lord. In the interim, I am sharing interesting posts from some of the blogs that I personally follow. This one is from my friend Kathy at The Isaiah 53:5 Project. I love the simplicity in which she explains that although we are saved by God’s Grace, we still need to obey His commands as best we can.

Running The Race

There are rules everywhere in life. As children we learn that we must say please and thank you, wash our hands before eating.  We go to school and learn the rules of the classroom. When we learn to drive we follow the rules of the road. When we enter into a contract the law is in it. When we get married, we’re expected to live up to expectations. Even when we grow old, we make a will so that our belongings aren’t fought over when we die.

Rules – rules – rules! Why do we have them? Why can’t we be free to choose what we do in life without being bound by the law? Why can’t we live the way we want to live without having to make sure we aren’t breaking any of the Ten Commandments; following the law of the land; abiding by the rule of law…

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