Prayers for Donald Norris

Reblogging this here at Don’s place for his friends who might not have seen it at mine

Truth in Palmyra

Hey blogging friends, I don’t know who out there are friends with Donald Norris at My Heart Is For Israel, but I have a brief update for you if you are. As you may know, he recently had some back surgery; well, he now has a staph infection at the surgery site and is in the hospital since Sunday. Except for a few minutes the last two days, he has been in the bed.

Right now he is scheduled to have an additional surgery to clean out the infection in his back; that  will be at 200 pm Pacific time tomorrow.

He also may have to go to a rehab center when they release him if he cannot walk by then. He says he will catch up on reading as soon as he feels able. In the meantime, prayers would certainly be in order.

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9 thoughts on “Prayers for Donald Norris

    1. Yes, in fact. The surgery went well, and they got it cleaned out and packed like they do with infections. Hopefully he will get discharged in the next day or two and be off to a rehab hospital for a week or two to finish up. He got his laptop back, so I expected him to publish an update or I would have.

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