Share a Post for Christmas

This is a great idea…

The Recovering Legalist

Gift Ideas

This year I’m not asking for much, so if you are looking for gift ideas there’s one thing you could do for me than I’m sure every other blogger would also appreciate…

photo (74)Share a favorite post with others on your blog and/or social media! It cost’s nothing, and all you’d need to do is wrap it in syrupilly-sweet words of praise as you ask others to check out the post of the year…or at least one of your favorites 😉

The Challenge

So, this is the challenge AND the request:

Share (a post), and share a “like.” 

This is time of year when many bloggers see lower-than-normal visits to their sites. Why not take just a moment and share some posts you’ve liked with others? By doing so you will help some blogs keep up their views (“hits”) and maybe even gain a few new followers.

Then, the…

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What is the cause of all the anti-Semitism in the world?

Here is an excellent post that is concise and to the point on why anti-Semitism exits in the world.


Why does the world hate the Jews? Why is anti-Semitism so rampant in so many different nations? What is so bad about the Jews? History has shown that at various times over the last 1,700 years the Jews have been expelled from over 80 different countries. Historians and experts have concluded there are at least six possible reasons:

• Racial Theory – the Jews are hated because they are an inferior race.
• Economic Theory – the Jews are hated because they possess too much wealth and power.
• Outsiders Theory – the Jews are hated because they are different from everyone else.
• Scapegoat Theory – the Jews are hated because they are the cause for all the world’s problems.
• Deicide Theory – the Jews are hated because they killed Jesus Christ.
• Chosen People Theory – the Jews are hated because they arrogantly declare they are the…

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Jesus Paid It All-Parts 1-5 Summarized

I have decided to re-blog this post from my friend Wally as it summarizes an excellent 5-part series on how and why Yeshua paid it all for us at Calvary. Enjoy!!

Church Set Free

Over the last few weeks, I have rerun a series of posts entitled “Jesus Paid It All.” It has been designed to illustrate the total and complete sufficiency of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross to atone for our sins.


Since the posts have been somewhat spaced apart and the entire message in them is extremely important, I have decided to do a final summary of all of them in one post.  Links to each of the articles are included, and I hope and pray readers, particularly unsaved readers, will take the time to read all of them in their entirety. More importantly, I hope and pray readers will take the time to read the Scriptures contained in them. Because what I have to say about the matter simply does not matter; what God has to say about it matters greatly and eternally.

We are all sinners by birth and by…

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We worshipped – Secret Santa Worship Day

Several bloggers I follow re-blogged this post. The Glory of Worship is described herein…

Church Set Free

As I stood I saw a small light.  A pinprick.  A flicker.  Someone had moved, there in the congregation.  Just for a moment.  And someone else, another minute flare.  And more.  More flickers.  Instants of  “was that … ?” moments.  Like fireflies.  And I looked down as I stood – what about me?  And saw a faint glow within me.  Hidden within.

And as I caressed the words of The Word, I saw fireflies were everywhere.  Flickers.  Disconnected and faint.  Alone.  Each on its own.

And as I spoke words I do not remember, meanings I cannot recollect, I saw these faint lights raise above each one.  A pinprick of light.  And each began to circle.  Faster and faster.

Even as I spoke.


My lips moving, breath in and breath out, words of sound  … I know not what.

Faster and faster this whirling light show.

Ever faster and…

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Why Kick the Goads?

Here is another guest blog from my friend Otis at Some Jesus Things…

Some Jesus Things

Why Kick Against the Goads?This begs the question… What are goads? A goad is made from a length of wood, blunt on one end and pointed on the other. A goad is used to urge reluctant animals into motion.

In bible times ‘to kick against the goads‘ was a common expression typically referring to an ox lashing out and kicking back against the herder’s prodding. The more the beast would kick; the greater the likelihood the goad would stab into the flesh causing pain.

Jesus stated to Saul on the road to Damascus, “It is hard for you to kick against the goads. (Acts 9:5) Why would Jesus make such a statement and how was Saul kicking against the goads?

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