Jesus Paid It All-Parts 1-5 Summarized

I have decided to re-blog this post from my friend Wally as it summarizes an excellent 5-part series on how and why Yeshua paid it all for us at Calvary. Enjoy!!

Church Set Free

Over the last few weeks, I have rerun a series of posts entitled “Jesus Paid It All.” It has been designed to illustrate the total and complete sufficiency of Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross to atone for our sins.


Since the posts have been somewhat spaced apart and the entire message in them is extremely important, I have decided to do a final summary of all of them in one post.  Links to each of the articles are included, and I hope and pray readers, particularly unsaved readers, will take the time to read all of them in their entirety. More importantly, I hope and pray readers will take the time to read the Scriptures contained in them. Because what I have to say about the matter simply does not matter; what God has to say about it matters greatly and eternally.

We are all sinners by birth and by…

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