Discovering Your Ministry Within The Kehilah: Living A Spirit-Filled Life ~ Part 8-F


Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

We have been in this series on Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts over the last few weeks.  In my last post, I gave you five steps necessary to discover your spiritual gift(s).  And, as promised in this post I am giving you a PDF copy of Wagner’s definitions of all 28 Spiritual Gifts and the “Wagner-Modified Houts Questionnaire” to help you with Steps 1 & 2. (Scroll down for link to PDF version.)  Are you ready to actually discover what spiritual gifts God may have given you for your life and ministry?

Before You Start

You should know by now that God has given you one or more spiritual gifts and discovering that gift or gifts will be a thrilling experience.  You will be asked to rate the 125 statements found in the questionnaire.  Thousands of Believers have been blessed by completing the questionnaire over the years.  Again, I want to caution you.  This is only one tool in your tool box.  Go back and review Part 7 in this series and see how the results of your questionnaire fit into your S.H.A.P.E.  Look again at the Five Steps Necessary to Discover Your Spiritual Gift(s) in the previous post.

You will note that the gifts of martyrdom, apostle and leading worship are not included in the 125 statements.  At the time that this questionnaire was created, Wagner had not formulated his thoughts on the gifts of apostleship and worship leader nor could he find a valid way to test for the gift of martyrdom.  Let’s be honest, until we are placed in that imminent threat of becoming a martyr, none of us would truly know how we would react.  Although I am certain that I would die for my faith and my loved ones, I’m not sure that I would do it displaying a joyous and victorious attitude.  But, who knows?

Let’s Getter Done!

Step 1:  Complete the list of 125 statements in the questionnaire (click here).  For each statement, place a check mark under the column that best describes to what extent that statement is TRUE in your life. Cautian!  Do not score according to what you think should be true or what you hope will be true in the future.  Be honest and score each statement on the basis of actual past experience.

Step 2:  When you finish the questionnaire, calculate your score by means of the Scoring Chart on page 9 of the attached questionnaire.  Give yourself 3 points for “Much”; 2 points for “Some”; 1 point for “Little”; and 0 for “Not at All.”  Then add up the total for each row.  You will immediately see which gifts are strongest and which are weakest.  Compare your scores with the definitions of the gifts in the glossary (click here).

Step3:  Finally, complete the exercises in the Gifts and Ministry Analysis to gain a preliminary evaluation of what you gift(s) might be.  Explore with your pastor, small group or others what the implications are for your ongoing ministry in the Kehilah.

You should discuss the results of your questionnaire and what you have discovered about your spiritual gift(s) with your local pastor or myself to more effectively get the maximum possible out of this series.

Again, please feel free to contact me by email at with any questions or comments you might have.  In my next blog post I will be wrapping up this entire series on “Discovering Your Ministry Within The Kehilah:  Living A Spirit-Filled Life” by taking an in-depth look at the spiritual gift of tongues.  This is perhaps the most controversial gift in our culture and I want to look at it more closely.

Glossary of Spiritual Gifts

Wagner Modified Houts Questionnaire.

Click here for PDF version of this post.

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