Woe to the Rebellious Children ~ Part 2 ~ Yesha’yahu 30:12-26

In my last post, we began to explore a Woe to the Rebellious Children ~ Part 1 in Yesha’hayu 30:1-11. In this post, we continue to investigate a Woe to the Rebellious Children ~ Part 2 in Yesha’hayu 30:12-26.

Recall from our previous study that the rebellious children were Adonai’s chosen people who sought help from Egypt rather than relying on Adonai.

12 Therefore here is what the Holy One of Isra’el says: “Because you reject this word, trust in extortion and rely on deceit, 13 this sin will become for you a crack bulging out high on a wall, showing signs it is ready to fall; then suddenly, all at once, it breaks.” 14 He will break it like a clay pot, ruthlessly shattering it into pieces so tiny not even a potsherd remains for taking fire from the fireplace or scooping water from the cistern.

The people rejected the Yesha’yahu’s warning to trust in Adonai alone and instead trusted in oppression and deceit by seeking the protection of Egypt. As a result, Adonai will cause them to collapse. They thought that Egypt would be a high wall of protection against the Ashurim, but the wall had a huge crack. It would eventually be obliterated. A potsherd is a broken piece of ceramic material.

15 For this is what Adonai Elohim, the Holy One of Isra’el, says: “Returning and resting is what will save you; calmness and confidence will make you strong – but you want none of this! 16 ‘No!’ you say, ‘We will flee on horseback!’ Therefore, you will surely flee. And, ‘We will ride on swift ones!’ So, your pursuers will be swift.17 A thousand will flee at the threat of one, you all will flee at the threat of five, until you are left isolated, like a flagstaff on a mountaintop, like a banner on a hill.”

All He wants from us is to come to Him, rest in Him, trust in Him, and obey Him. He is our protector.

After the judgment described in verses 18-26, Adonai would restore His people to His favor.

18 Yet Adonai is just waiting to show you favor; he will have pity on you from on high; for Adonai is a God of justice; happy are all who wait for him!

Why does Adonai want us to wait for Him? Because, in reality, He’s waiting for the people to repent before turning His judgment into compassion and restoration. Are you relying on someone or something else for your peace?

19 People in Tziyon, who live in Yerushalayim, you will weep no more. At the sound of your cry, He will show you His grace; on hearing it, He will answer you.

The cry of the people refers to their repentance, an acknowledgment of their sin, and a turn to Adonai for help. As a result, He would respond with His favor. They will live in Yerushalayim near the presence of Adonai. The beginning of the fulfillment of this promise occurred after the Jews began returning from Bavel exile in 539 BCE.

20 Though Adonai may give you but bread and water, and not very much of that; your teacher will no longer hide Himself, but with your own eyes you will see your teacher.

The teacher of the people of Adonai is a reference to Adonai Himself, who would show them the right way to behave.

21 With your ears, you will hear a word from behind you: “This is the way; stay on it, whether you go to the right or the left.”

This is the still, small voice Eliyahu discovered that quiet voice that cannot be heard in the hustling, bustling, and scheming to which we are so vulnerable. What a joy it is to take a significant portion of time to be quiet before Adonai, for it is then that we hear His word in our ear, saying, “Follow the path I have prepared for you.”

22 You will treat as unclean your silver-covered idols and your cast metal images plated with gold; you will throw them away, like menstrual cloths; you will say to them, “Get out of here!”

To the Jewish mind, there could be no more defiling substance than menstrual blood (see Leviticus 15:19-23) and, for the people, no more defiling object than an idol (see Deuteronomy 4:15-19). Idols were among the most precious objects in the culture, but now will be treated as the most disgusting piece of trash. The spiritual transformation of the people of Adonai involves moving toward the true God and away from false gods.

23 Then he will give you rain for the seed you use to sow your land, and the food that comes from the ground will be rich and abundant. When that day comes, your cattle will graze in spacious pastures. 24 The oxen and donkeys that work the land will eat a tasty mixture, winnowed free of chaff, spread by pitchfork and shovel.

Based on the lists of covenant blessings found in places like Deuteronomy 28, Adonai will grant agricultural prosperity to His restored people. While they had nothing but bread and water in verse 20, during their oppression, they would have large quantities of food in the future. Even the oxen and donkeys would have plenty of good food.

25 On every high mountain and lofty hill will be streams and flowing brooks, on a day of great slaughter, when the towers fall.

Isra’el’s prosperity was normally tenuous because of limited water supplies. Here the picture is of overflowing streams and brooks. The reference to the great slaughter and the fall of towers is probably a reference to the downfall of their oppressors.

26 Moreover, the light of the moon will be as bright as the light of the sun; and the light of the sun will be seven times stronger, like the light of seven days [in one], on the day Adonai binds up the wounds of His people and heals the bruise caused by the blow. ~ Isaiah 30:12-26 (CJB)

Not only will there be abundant food and water, but light as well. Light represents what is right and godly. When Yeshua returns, the world will be completely free of the stranglehold of idolatry and will walk in His blessing and light.

In my next post, we conclude our exploration of the Woe to the Rebellious Children ~ Part 3 in Yesha’hayu 30:27-33.

Click here for the PDF version.

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