Justice and Judgment ~ Part 4 ~ Yesha’yahu 57:3-13

In my last post, we continued to explore the effects of Justice and Judgment ~ Part 3 in Yesha’yahu 57:3-13. In this post, we conclude our series on Justice and Judgment ~ Part 4 in Yesha’yahu 57:14-21.

This passage closes with a statement about Adonai’s good intentions toward the righteous, with a brief statement about the fate of the wicked at the end. Adonai’s people were also assured that his wrath against them would not last forever (v.16).

14 Then He will say, “Keep building! Keep building! Clear the way! Remove everything blocking My people’s path!” 15 For thus says the High, Exalted One who lives forever, whose name is Holy: “I live in the high and holy place but also with the broken and humble, in order to revive the spirit of the humble and revive the hearts of the broken ones.

Again, Yesha’yahu used the theme of removing obstacles between Adonai and His people to describe the restoration of an intimate relationship. In this instance, the road leads to Adonai, who lives in a high and holy place, so the way is one that goes up (build it up). Adonai may live in a high place, but the broken and humble are with Him. This is a good reminder for all of us to get our “humble” on.

 16 For I will not (emphasis added) fight them forever or always nurse My anger; otherwise, their spirits would faint before me, the creatures I Myself have made. 17 It was because of their flagrant greed that I was angry and struck them; I hid Myself and was angry, but they continued on their own rebellious way. 18 I have seen their ways, and I will heal them; I will lead them and give comfort to them and to those who mourn for them –

Adonai’s punishment of His people’s sins has a limit. He will not destroy them but will punish them in a disciplinary way. He removed His presence from them, but still, they continued to sin. Here Adonai’s people do not break their sin pattern, but Adonai in His grace always promises to heal them.

In other words, Adonai says, “I’ve seen the perversity of man. Yes, I’ve disciplined him. But I will heal, guide, and create peace within him. I will deliver him.” Adonai does not give up on me, and He won’t give up on you ever.

19 I will create the right words: ‘Shalom Shalom to those far off and to those nearby!’ says Adonai; ‘I will heal them!'” 20 But the wicked are like the restless sea – unable to be still, its waters toss up mud and dirt. 21 There is no shalom, says my God, for the wicked. ~ Isaiah 57:14-21 (CJB)

There is a distinction between those to whom Adonai grants peace and those who remain wicked. The wicked will have no peace but will be like the turbulent sea. The sea is commonly a symbol of chaos and wickedness in ancient Near Eastern literature, including the Bible. [1] Nevertheless, anyone who repented and returned to the Lord would enjoy his shalom and healing. However, there is no shalom … for the wicked.

In my next post, we will explore the issue of Fasting in Yesha’yahu 58:1-14.

Click here for the PDF version.

[1] HCSB Study Bible.


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