Ask not what your church can do for you…

While I’m taking a few days off from research and writing to hear from the Lord. In the interim, I am sharing interesting posts from some of the blogs that I personally follow. This post is from Elihu at The Isaiah 53:5 Project.

Running The Race


“I didn’t get anything out of it”

Have you ever caught yourself saying that about worship services?

The above phrase is merely a euphemism for this one: “What’s in it for me?”

Humans are not masochists by nature. We want what is best for ourselves. We want cars that run properly (and look nice). We want to go to a reputable college. We want to live in a low-crime neighborhood with Mr. Rogers as our next door neighbor. We want to worship with a  church that meets our needs. We want to get a return-on-investment so to speak.

There is nothing inherently wrong with desiring pleasant things for ourselves. The problem arises when we want to take more than we give or when we give only so we can get something back. Is that the attitude of Christ? Was his life a selfish, self-seeking, self-serving life or a selfless, sacrificial…

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